American Hosta Growers Association
2024 Hosta of the Year

With the increasing number of hosta cultivars being introduced each year it is increasingly difficult for nursery owners and gardeners to choose just the right hostas for their sales areas and gardens. To this end the American Hosta Growers Association established the AHGA Hosta of the Year in 1996. It is selected by a vote of AHGA members. Award winners are hostas that are good garden plants in all regions of the country, are widely available in sufficient supply, and retail for about $15.00 in the year of selection. 

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.
2024 Hosta of the Year
'Mini Skirt'
(Walters Gardens, Inc.  2013)

Color - Variegated
Size - Mini (7"ht x 14"w)
Habit - Mounding
Bloom - Purple

Parentage - sport of ‘Mighty Mouse’
Wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring turning to creamy white by summer. Pale purple flowers on short scapes in mid-summer.